Specialty Masa

The housemade specialty blend masa that makes our savory tamales rich  with flavor and has the food critics raving can now add that same wow to  your home tamales! Minimum purchase of 5 lbs (any combination of  varieties).

Fresh Canby Farm Eggs

Our fresh farm eggs come directly from our farm in Canby. Locally raised  and delicious, these eggs were harvested from free-range chickens.


Our crunchy homemade chips are so good because we use only the best  ingredients. Made from a round corn masa using no preservatives or  additives, these chips burst with flavor in every bite despite being  unsalted. This item is fried in peanut oil.


A snack of Spanish origin similar to fritters, our tasty buñuelos are  made from homemade four tortillas which are deep fried and coated in  cinnamon and sugar.


We have five delicious variations of salsa, all of which we make in house daily with fresh local ingredients.
Asparagus Mole is similar guacamole but uses asparagus and other fresh vegetables instead of avocado.
Salsa Roja is a grilled tomato salsa with jalapeños, garlic, cilantro, onions, and our special seasoning.
Tomatillo replaces tomatoes with the flavorful tomatillo. Blended with jalapeños, onions, garlic, cilantro, and our special seasoning.
Pico de Gallo uses our standard fresh ingredients: tomatoes,  onions, cilantro, and our special in house seasoning, but adds lime for  its unique flavor and natural preservative properties.
Mango Pico de Gallo is similar to our lime-enhanced Pico de Gallo described above, but adds mango for just the right amount of sweetness.
All of our salsa is free of MSG and preservatives to maximize the health  benefits and retain the natural flavor of our fresh ingredients. All  in-season vegetables come from local Oregon farms or from Canby  Asparagus Farm.


Each enchilada is made with corn masa using a water base. Our corn  tortillas are housemade with no preservatives or additives. We use a  special blend of our in house cheeses and special seasoning.

Enchiladas Verdes uses a traditional tomatillo verde sauce, and  is available with your choice of meats, seafood, or vegetarian  varieties. Choose from Chicken, Pork, Dungeness Crab, Prawns, Oregon Bay  Shrimp, or Soyrizo and grilled veggies.

Traditional Enchiladas uses a red chile sauce with onion and  cheese. Choose from Chicken, Pork, Dungeness Crab, Prawns, Oregon Bay  Shrimp, or Vegetarian Soyrizo with Grilled Veggies.


A vegetarian snack similar to pork rinds but made using no animal  products. Made of wheat flour with corn starch that's deep fried in  peanut oil. Served unsalted.

Corn Tortillas

Let us make you your favorite flavor of homemade corn tortilla. Choose  from the following flavors for your dining pleasure: Asparagus, Wine,  Chipotle, Chile Verde, Mole, Cream Corn, Garlic and Bean.

Chile Relleno

We start the process of creating our mouth-watering Chile Rellenos by  hand selecting Poblano Chiles with a picky eye for size and quality.  These are then fire roasted and stuffed with our special crema and  cheese blend with Oregon's fresh dungeness crab, grilled asparagus and  our special seasoning. We use mostly egg white for our batter with only a  few yokes to help minimize fat and add a tab of flour for fluffiness.  The Chiles are dipped in the batter and flour and we add our special  blend of spices and herbs. Choose from the following varieties: Crab,  Chicken, Pork, Veggies, or Scrambled Eggs & Ham.